April 8, 2016 | Scott Towler

Why Scott Joined the Circus (BluPrairie)

I have a passion (some may call it an obsession) for learning and helping. Technology can be your friend or foe.  Created with the right strategy and design, implemented with care and maintained with operational precision, it can be your trusted friend.  People need not be afraid.

The efficiencies and economics of the cloud are impossible to ignore and and its benefits will only continue to accelerate.  Afterall, money talks.  No longer is the cloud for giant corporations with massive scale. Now is the time to reap the benefits of the path laid by the big tech players like Amazon, Google, Microsoft and others.

First defining and then aligning the cloud is not an easy task- in fact, it can be hard work. I’ve had the fortune of working with some of the biggest companies in the world who are leading the way with private, public and hybrid cloud implementations. I want to be a part of showing people the way to cloud.

Businesses and organizations of all sizes need a “cloud-first” or better yet, a “cloud-only” mentality. Technology consumption will soon go the way of the electricity grid. Don’t believe me? Read this. When you plugged your phone into a charger last night, did you worry about where the electricity came from, how it was generated or how it got to the outlet? Nope. You simply expected clean, safe power…delivered on-demand. You should expect nothing less from technology. Consume what you need, pay for it in a simple monthly charge, and take the mystery out of your technology spend.

Let’s get started!!